Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cowboy HorseShoes or A Really Big Pig In A Blanket

 I haven't posted in awhile and its about time I got my creative juices flowing.  I had a large unthawed Texas roll bag in the fridge.  You can tell this was the third day of unthawing because it was as fat as a Buddha belly.  

I needed something for a quick dinner and wanted to utilize these 
and this.  We love Kielbasa at our house.  I use it with steamed vegetables, rice, macaroni and cheese, top ramen, and pasta.  However, I digress, this is not the Hillshire Farm Diva blog.
I knew it was alot of dough, so I took scissors and divided the dough in half.
 I kneaded one into a ball and unrolled it into an oval.  I did not have a plan for this, so I was making it up as I went.
I folded it over and pinched the edges.  It looked like a taco, so I figured I'd make the next one like this and stop at this point to let it rise and bake. 
I took scissors and cut up the middle of the Kielbasa.  That's when I started thinking about a horseshoe shape.

I pinched all the sides together.  It also looks like cowboy chaps.
I preheated the oven to 350 and left the shapes to rise a bit on parchment paper.

 These are looking huge.
At the last minute, I decided to sprinkle them with cheese.
 This is how they came out...very fat and making me wish I had made the taco shape into an "S."  Rhodes dough for US!!!!!  Horray for the U.S.!!!!!
 When I sliced the Horseshoe it looked like this. I paired it with steamed vegetables for dinner.  My kids loved it.  
If you just start kneading the dough, an image will come to your mind of what to make.  Trust yourself. See where the dough will take you.


  1. Those look really yummy!I could see some families liking a little sour crout tucked in there with the sausage!

  2. That's a really good suggestion, Tara. Let me know if you do it.

  3. Yummmmmmm. Make me want to run out and buy Rhodes Rolls.

  4. MissMel - hey it's your favorite friends at Rhodes. We'd love to talk to you about doing some more Rhodes posts and how we can help. Email me!